Organic Spray Tanning Spray Tan Airbrush Tan | Palms Tanning & Lacquer Lounge Schenectady NY
  1. Pedicure/Manicures should be scheduled before tanning appointments.
  2. NO waxing after the spray tan has been applied!
  3. NO facial chemical peels or microdermabrasion.
  4. If dark brown lines appear on your neck while processing, DO NOT rub them off! They are due to bronzer pooling in areas where we bend and sweat. They will disappear when you rinse after 8 hours!
  5. Drink water! Hydrate yourself from the inside out!
  6. If the spray tan gets on the palms of your hands or soles of your feet, lemon juice works great or anything citrus. If that doesn't work, a Mr. Clean magic eraser can do the trick, but use sparingly as it CAN cause a chemical burn!


Organic Spray Tanning Spray Tan Airbrush Tan | Palms Tanning & Lacquer Lounge Schenectady NY

With sunless spray tanning, you can achieve a perfect golden glow in under 10 minutes without all the harmful risks from the sun. Always natural looking and matched perfectly to your skin tone. You'll never leave looking like a Dorito! Proudly using Sjolie Sunless products. 100% Organic DHA, Naturally derived ingredients, Aloe base and vegan approved by PETA! Appointments take about 15 minutes start to finish. Hand applied making sure to achieve an even, all over tan. Your tan is only as good as the technician applying it! The healthy alternative to tanning which allows you to keep a glow year round!


  1. Avoid water for 6-8 hours! Water is the enemy during processing time! Rinse off in the shower after 8 hours to remove bronzer. you will see the bronzer rinse off of you in the shower. don't worry, this is not your spray tan. you will continue to develop for 24 hours. *be careful washing your hands, brushing your teeth, etc!)
  2. Avoid any activity where you would be sweating. Contact with water or sweat within the 6-8 hours could result in uneven tanning. you may exercise after you have rinsed the bronzer off.
  3. Pat dry, DO NOT rub dry after showering. No Baths!
  4. Shave with hair conditioner rather than shaving cream. This will help prolong your spray tan.
  5. Moisturize twice daily with an approved moisturizer. Sjolie Tan Extend & Bronze fusion gel is great and can add 2-3 days to the life of your tan
  6. Also important to use a non-acidic body wash (Sjolie Ultra Body Wash) to avoid stripping your tan.
  7. Use a gentle cleanser on your face such as farmhouse fresh green tea milk wash.
  8. DO NOT USE the following products:

    Bar Soap
    Dove Body Wash
    Victoria's Secret
    Bath & Body Works
    Face Altering Products/Face Wash such as anti aging, acne, brightening, retinol.
    Raw Oils (coconut, argan, Moroccan)
Organic Spray Tanning Spray Tan Airbrush Tan | Palms Tanning & Lacquer Lounge Schenectady NY

Pre-Spray Tan Instructions

Organic Spray Tanning Spray Tan Airbrush Tan | Palms Tanning & Lacquer Lounge Schenectady NY

After Care Tan Instructions

Organic Spray Tanning | Palms Tanning & Lacquer Lounge ​​| Schenectady, NY

Why Sunless?

  1. Shower at least 2 hours prior to appointment. It is best to shave the night prior to your spray tan.
  2. Gently exfoliate your skin with spa-grade exfoliates (such as Sjolie Body Scrub or Farmhouse fresh body scrub) designed for sunless preparation to remove dead skin and allow for a clean base.
  3. Do NOT apply any lotion, deodorant, makeup, body oils or perfume after showering. This will create an uneven tan. It is recommended that you don't wash your hair prior to the appointment. Conditioners tend to leave a film on the body which can cause an uneven,  streaky tan.
  4. Tan in whatever you are comfortable with. I do enforce a "Bottoms Only" policy, for your safety. keep in mind, whatever you wear for your spray tan will leave a tan line.
  5. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops if possible to leave in. NO yoga pants, leggings or jeans. you do not want the tan to rub off on the tight clothing.
  6. in the event that it is raining - please bring an umbrella and/or jacket/hoodie and shoes to wear that will cover you. raindrops + exposed skin = polka dot spray tan.

Spray Tan Tips & Tricks

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