All manicures are done DRY without the use of water. Primarily using OPI, Young Nails, Amazing Nail Concepts (ANC) and Wildflower Nails.

SIGNATURE MANICURE                     $20                    ANC MANICURE                           $30
Signature Palms Mani takes your care to the next level                               Includes filing and shaping of your natural nail with nail
Shape nails to your desired length and shape.                                           file. The drill/dremel is never used to prep your nails. 
Soothe your ragged hangnails and cuticles, with a                                     Next, conditioning of cuticles. A gel-like polish is painted
moisturizing seasonal massage to follow, and then....                                  on the nails and then dipped into a colored powder of your
polish! Approximately 30 minutes.                                                            choice to create a beautiful manicure.  Long lasting (up to
                                                                                                          3+ weeks, super durable, and has a crazy shine
                                                                                                          Approximately 45-60 minutes.

GEL (SHELLAC MANICURE)               $30                ANC with REMOVAL                      $35
Cured with and LED light (no UV worries, here), gel polish                          Includes removal & reapplication of ANC Only. We DO NOT
is 100% dry when you walk out the door and can last                            REMOVE ACRYLIC NAILS. Approximately 1.5 hours.
about 2 weeks without chipping or peeling.  You can leave
the salon without fear of a single ding or dent.
Approximately 45 minutes..                                  
ANC OR GEL WITH FRENCH                $45               ANC with TIPS                          $45+
ANC/GEL WITH HOLO OR CHROME       $50               GEL MANICURE WITH GLITTER         $35 
Polish Change                               $8               MINI MANI (kids 12 & under)          $15
ANC REMOVAL ONLY                       $20                REPAIR                          $2 per nail
NAIL STAMPING                   $2 per nail                 NAIL ART                       $2 per nail



SIGNATURE MANI & GEL PEDI               $65              GEL OR ANC WITH GEL PEDI           $80

THE TRIPLE THREAT                          $95+           3 TAN PACKAGE                         $90
Manicure, Pedicure & Spray Tan                                                             5 TAN PACKAGE                       $125
                                                                            10 TAN PACKAGE                   $200
                                                                6 MONTH TANNING PACKAGE   $100/$10
                                                                              Unlimited tanning visits at $10 per tan for six months
                                                                              ​$100 initial payment and first tan is free!

Soak and relax in an aromatic seasonal soak.  Palms signature pedicures change monthly and use Farmhouse Fresh products throughout.  Your health, safety and well-being is a primary focus.  The whirlpool jet bath is fitted with a one time use liner for each service. is pipeless which ensures a proper. efficient cleaning and sanitation before and after every service. Sit back, relax and enjoy a chair massage as your feet get pampered. Check out the SPECIALS page for this month's pedicure!

PALMS SIGNATURE PEDICURE               $40            PEDICURE WITH FRENCH                  $50
Soak your feet in a seasonal pedicure soak; trim & shape          GEL PEDICURE                              $50
nails; condition cuticles; exfoliation & scrub of rough patches       GEL PEDICURE WITH FRENCH             $60   and callouses; moisturizing lotion applied to legs & feet; finish      KIDS PEDI 12 & UNDER                    $25​

with polish color of your choice.

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Organic Spray Tanning

100% Natural, Organic DHA, PETA approved VEGAN solution by Sjolie Sunless.  All tanning solution is in an aloe base, unless Rapid Tan is requested where naturally derived alcohol is used.  Hand applied custom to your body and matched perfectly to your skin tone to achieve your desired level of darkness.

FULL BODY TAN                             $35                    UPPER/LOWER BODY TAN               $15
Custom, hand applied airbrush tan. Includes face.                                         Choose to have your upper or lower body tanned only.
Achieve your perfect summer color in as little as 5 minutes!                           Does not include face.

FULL BODY STUDENT PRICE               $20                FACE TAN                               $5.00
Bring your student ID in to receive discount pricing                                   Just want a little color on your face, or a touch up in
                                                                                                         between tans? Choose to have just your face sprayed.

RAPID ULTRA TAN                          $45               TIER 1 / TIER 2 TAN                     $40
In a hurry? Rapid Ultra Tan allows you to have your                                 Icon Reserve Tier 1 (light/medium) and Tier 2
desired color within 2-4 hours!                                                             (medium/Dark) has ultra fast dry times, and leaves behind no
                                                                                                        tacky residue.
ADDITIVES                                $5
Available to customize your tan:
  • Pineapple Scent >> Coconut Scent  >> Orange Ginger Scent
  • DHA Booster  >>  Shimmer  >>  Slimming Solution  >> Finishing Powder